purplecon 2018 was a cool and trendy event for defenders and developers to share actionable security wisdom in a safe and inclusive environment. here's what happened.


What does purplecon want?

Your favourite stories about helping people build stuff that’s Strong vs Hackers. Developers writing secure code, security team helping ship it, server warlocks running it. Anything that keeps people safe.

Who is purplecon for?

Developers, Students, Security People, Nurses, The Illuminati, Elves, Level 8 Wizards. Anyone who wants to learn about defensive computer security.

Where/when is purplecon?

15 November 2018. The goddAmn Michael Fowler Centre. Wellington, New Zealand.

Can purplecon become a Justice of the Peace in my jurisdiction?

heck yeah we love justice

Is purplecon a gateway into fully uploading myself to the cloud?

log in, become a presenter, everybody to the data centre

omg this sounds hype

h*ck yeah


Tickets are all sold out!


Just in time for the cherry blossom season, we have various wearable purplecon merch available for purchase! You can just buy it online here.

We're trying it out this way. We think that being able to order the shirts in your own time will save on queuing and handling of t-shirts on the day. If you'd like to wear your shirt to the con, then be sure to order it with plenty of time to spare!

Code of Conduct

Everyone attending is expected to follow our Code of Conduct. This means a lot to us and we're not messing around.

Contact us

The purplecon digital online humans are @ryankurte, @__nolang, @mangopdf, and @jsstott.

You can contact us at [email protected], on Twitter, or by yelling into any trombone.

The venue, some costs, and limitless cosmic guidance were provided to us by the Kiwicon Crue <3